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About Big Fashion

Hello, and many thanks for visiting our new website at big Fashion 4 U. This website enables you to shop across many diferent suppliers for clothing & accessories tailored for the beautiful large ladies. We appreciate, being on the large size ourselves, the difficulty in finding good quality, stylish clothing on main street. Of course, we do not yet have every large label supplier available but are continuously adding more, please bookmark us and visit us regularly for updates/ new trends.

We may at a later date produce a newsletter which you can subscribe to which will auto update you on changes, offers etc.

Managing so many suppliers under "one roof" does entail certain challenges and while we update our feeds whenever they are updated there may be ocassions where prices or products are incorrectly tagged or priced. If this does happen the "final word" is with our suppliers.

If you have any questions, queries, comments then please email us.