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Body Shape: Apple

The apple figure is among the more intriguing body characteristics to dress, but also one of the easiest when you're camouflaging problem areas. You're lucky to have slender arms and legs, which can be exploited to your advantage. When you centre on the positive, you are able to look pounds lighter and more than shapely. Agreat starting point of rthe "apple shape"?

Here's How:
 1.   Acknowledge the features of your apple physical structure type.
          * You may have full boobs and a wide back.
          * Your arms could be slim, while your shoulders could be wide.
          * You maybe have slim hips and a trim backside.
          * You put on weight at the midriff.

      Your upper body is bigger than your lower half.
 2.   Select the perfect tee.
          * Test a floaty tee such as a tunic style top. It will skim over the waist.
          * Try an empire waistline shirt that commences under the bust to draw the eyes away from your midriff.
          * Wear shirts that stretch below than your waist to reduce the chance of your stomanch protruding from where your shirt and trousers meet. If you like your hips to look a little more in balance with your bust, try a shirt that meets the biggest point of the hips.
          * Choose a shirt with a somewhat lower neckline to keep the eyes moving upwards. Couple that with a obvious necklace to increase the effect.

 3.   Sample light layers to move the eye over problem spots.
          * Wear a waistcoat over a sleeveless tank top to draw attention to your arms and camouflage your stomach.
          * Choose a layered chiffon blouse over a lightweight tank top. With a well-fitting lightweight top, you are able to glance over over the midsection easily.
    4.  Pick out trousers that create a balanced shape.
          * Seek wide-legged trousers that will create a more level look between your upper and lower halves.
          * Try wide-legged capris to flaunt your slim ankles.
          * Never wear skinny trousers, unless you wear a longer tunic over it to increase the slimming down effect.
   5.   Find a skirt that will minimize your midriff.
          * Pick out a skirt with a full silhouette. Your somewhat top-heavy appearance can be cut back significantly, and when coupled with a slim-fitting tunic, you will appear positively slender.
          * Skirts with a higher waistline, such as one that reaches the natural waist, will camouflage a bigger abdomen and conceal any strain or tightness across the midriff.
          * Do not wear slender miniskirts with your body type. You'll appear far more top-heavy than you actually are.
    6.  Snap up the correct footwear to finish the look.
          * Get hold of a pair of shoes that continue the long lines of your legs. You may prefer to try a strappy sandal with brief straps and a sexy heel.
          * Wear kitty heels for ease if you've littler calves. These heels are gentler on your feet, so you are able to wear them all day without problem.
          * Embrace more low-set style footwear like wedges. Having on a somewhat larger shoe can assist in anchoring and balancing your top half.