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Body Shape: Pear

The pear is a common physical structure. Adopt the chance to accentuate your slender neck, shapely shoulders, and defined waistline. You are able to easily work with your bigger lower half to get an complete balanced fit out for work or play that is more than balanced and comfier for you, too.

      How do  you know if you are Pear shaped?

      Pear shapes usually have:

  •           A bottom heavy build
  •          Thin and slender neck
  •           Narrow or sloping shoulders
  •           Larger and more generous lower hips and thighs

      You definitely have a curvaceous lower half, with rounded hips and broad thighs.


      Decide on a shirt with the following components (Pick out a shirt that will attract the eye to the shoulders):

  •           Wide necklines such as boatneck or scoopneck style that can broaden the shoulders and counterbalance your lower half.


  •           Search for waist-defining details in your tops, such as belted or cinched styles that demonstrate your defined waistline.


  •           Shirts that attract attention to the face are welcome. Look for buttons or ties at the neck that will attract eyes upward.


  •           Endeavour to avoid shirts that are too taut.


  •           Plus-size women should keep one's distance from loose-fitting shirts. Do not conceal your bod with loose t-shirts!   You will appear larger everywhere.

        Top off your shirt with a sports jacket.

  •            Try to locate one with puffed up arms to counterbalance out your shoulders proportionate to your hips.
  •           Avoid wearing a sport jacket that hits the broadest point of your hips. Locate one that hits somewhat above or at your waistline.

      Get hold of a skirt that fits to perfection.

  •           Look for a waistline on your skirt or trousers that comes to slightly below your natural waistline. Without excess layers around the smallest part of your waist, you are able to make it look more modest and your trunk a trifle longer.


  •           Acquire skirts with a slight a-line cut. They'll skim over trouble spots and smoothen the hip and thigh.


  •           Keep away from figure hugging skirts and trousers.

Snap up a pair of perfect shoes.


  •           Lengthen and slenderize your legs with a pair of heeled shoes. Bigger style heels which are not stilettos will counterbalance out your calves.
  •           Avoid shoes with ankle straps or t-strap styles, which can make your legs look bigger.