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Fat is not a word we recognize

Not Plus Size, not fat?


You are NOT fat, obese, impossible to dress - you are a generous fit, it is good for your confidence to remember this:

  • Do NOT think about size, think about "shape" and "fit".
  • Concentrate your energy on buying clothes that are simple and elegant.
  • A bargain is not related to cost, does it work for you, can you "mix and match", can you reuse many times?
  • Never miss out on whats being offered at "thin" stores, after all they do sell the latest jewellery, scarves, wraps and accessories and these will fit you!
  • Avoid prints like the plague, they tend to pull the eyes! Especially never wear a bottom half print with a solid colour top!
  • Stick to medium/soft fabrics as these hang or drape nicely off a generous body.
  • Always enjoy your online shopping.

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